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Fundraising is not a mechanical process.  It is a human process that relies on relationships between those who need and those who can give.  There are as many ways to give as there are reasons for giving and, likewise, there are as many ways to ask.  Consequently, no standard approach works for all organizations or situations.

Skystone Partners offers a flexible approach designed to provide your organization the exact assistance you need.  Your organization possesses unique characteristics, which form a distinct institutional personality.  What may work well for another organization may be unproductive or even harmful for yours.  Therefore, we make every effort to adapt proven fundraising techniques and methods to fit the specific needs and circumstances of your organization.  Our extensive experience with a variety of nonprofit organizations, as well as our comprehensive knowledge of many differing techniques, enables us to recognize when a given approach is appropriate for you and when it is not.

What makes Skystone Partners different?

A team approach
A working partnership
A commitment to professionalism

a different kind of consulting firm