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How to distribute some $350 million raised in response to Harvey…including J.J. Watt’s $37 million.

Lessons from charitable responses to previous disasters.

Understanding how and why women give.

Nonprofit leaders call for greater diversity.

Telemarketing getting more difficult but remains a staple of fundraising.

May 2017

Assessing philanthropy after Trump’s first 100 days. Some say the news is mixed, while others are less optimistic.

The prominence of anonymous donors…and the drama surrounding those who seek name recognition.

The weakening link between foundations and higher education. Meanwhile, Chinese donors are stepping up support for universities.

An online giving dashboard

February 2017

​Six predictions for philanthropy in the age of Trump. And more reflections here.

Some nonprofits are gaining more donor support in the wake of Trump’s travel ban. Also because of his tax policies.

The philanthropic ties of Trump’s cabinet.

What else is top of mind for fundraisers in 2017?

Are you building a high revenue major gifts program?

University endowment returns the lowest in 8 years.

Preparing students for nonprofit careers.

Do you live in one of America’s 50 most generous cities?

November 2016

​Fidelity is the new number one charity in the Philanthropy 400.

Online contributions in October were up almost 20 percent over last year, and here’s how to target young alumni.

Foundations are pouring money into cities, but to what end?

Should foundation CEOs serve on corporate boards?

Betting on big ideas in Silicon Valley.

Retiree giving becoming a major source of philanthropy.

Sports fans help pro teams make giving decisions.

Philanthropy’s relation to gay issues.