Strategic Planning for your organization

Virtually every Skystone Partners consulting relationship begins with an analysis of the strategic planning process of the client organization.  We understand that each organization we serve can deliver services effectively only if fundraising is successful, and successful fundraising depends on the organization’s clarity and commitment in mission and vision.  Our services in organizational development are often integrated within our approach to the organization’s fundraising program, and might include assisting an organization in implementing a new strategic planning process, developing a new committee structure or recruitment process for the board, or providing orientation and training for board members or volunteers.

With the participation of trustees, staff and volunteer leaders, Skystone Partners helps agencies and organizations develop their own comprehensive long-range plans and effective operating structures and policies. Skystone Partners provides direction and counsel regarding:

* organizational structure
* analysis of environmental factors
* development of an effective Board with defined roles and responsibilities
* the formulation of strategies to implement agreed upon goals and objectives

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