Capital Campaign Management - How a consultant can make your capital campaign more effective.

​​How Effective Is Your Board - Top Characteristics of an Effective Board.

The Reference library

Annual Fund - Key principles for a successful annual fund

​​​​​​​​a world of expertise

Are You Ready For a Campaign? - ​A general guide to gauge whether your organization is prepared to launch a campaign.

Why Do People Give​ - From a seminar given by the firm's former CEO, the late

J. Patrick Ryan, to the Cincinnati Episcopal Archdiocese.

The Role of Fundraising Counsel - What types of services and what you should expect

from your consultant.

Sometimes you need more than just a few quick tips.  Welcome to the Skystone Partners' Reference Library.  You will find talks, seminars and articles from the Skystone Partners' Senior Consulting Staff.  As we continue to add to The Reference Library, you will find information that is applicable to a wide range of situations.